EL Basha Import & Export

The finest types of vegetables and fruits


EL Basha Company was established in 2016 to import and export agricultural products (fruits / vegetables / aromatic plants), which has grown since antiquity without using any pesticides or agrochemicals because we already use natural antibiotics according to international standards, especially European and American using the latest agricultural methods Which distinguish our products from others experience in the export of fresh fruits and vegetables and aromatic plants, so that we can provide products of good quality and competitive price with the best service for you. If you are interested in any fruits or vegetables or fruit plants, please feel free to contact Our main production:-

- Seaweed
- Balah Barah
- Balah Samani
- Planned Table
- Balh al-Freihi
- Balh Aljaja
- Balh Al-Sultani
- Wonderful -- From spetember to december (season availability)
- Manfaluti -- From spetember to december (season availability)
- Baladi -- From spetember to december (season availability)
- Early 116 -- From spetember to december (season availability)
- Blackberry
- Orange (Valencia)
- Strawberry (Fortuna,Festival)
- grapes (Flame Seedless,Early Superior)
- Chamomile (shared to flower and seed)

CEO|| Mr. Mohamed Salah Eldin Abo Basha